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Nushiba Textile Industries

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House#98/1(4th floor), Gulshan –BaddaLink Road, Badda, Gulshan-1 Dhaka-1212.Bangladesh .

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01672 777779, 01866962852

Factory Location

Vill: Daukadi. P/O: Khatalia
P/S: Madhabdi .District: Narshingdi.
Contact: 01798805849, 01913304010


Business Profile

Nushiba Textile Industries


Vision of Nstar Group

Our vision is put into action through Continuous development to become one of the leading market share holder in the most Competitive market in Bangladesh. Our following vision would be achieved by 2025-

  • To be one of the Sponsor to Bangladesh National Cricket Team
  • We would have about 5000 professional Employees for our Organizations in Bangladesh
  • We would be one of the 10 Renowned Branded Organizations in Bangladesh.
  • We would operate & maintain minimum 50 Cars for our Employees.
  • We will establish one of the best E-Commerce Business in Bangladesh.

Mission of Nushiba Textile Industries

Nushiba Textile Industries through its innovative technology and effective resource management has maintained high ethical and professional standards.
Nushiba Textile Industries is committed to:

  • Produce quality and fault free fabrics for its valued customers by continuous improvements, providing proper training and development programs, upgrading of resources, setting quality objectives by analyzing customer’s feedback.

President of the Company

Engr. Mohammad Nazmul Islam, MBA (Canada) is owner of a 100% export oriented Textile Mills named Nushiba Textile Industries established on 2003.Where our mother company Nushiba Textile Industries are manufacturing & exporting fabrics for the making of RMG (Ready Made Garment). It should mention here Nushiba Textile Industries is a pioneer exporter has been working for local market specially world renowned RMG buyers with reputation.

I hope our portal creates an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about our leading-edge operations, financial performance, strategies, services, sustainability, initiatives, and values. This website is part of the external manifestation of our commitment to transparency and open communications to all our valued customers as well as to the wider public interested in our activities. On behalf of the Company I assure you that you will receive the best positive services, product availability and best price along with official warranty.

We always aim to excel in everything we do and to be considered best in our relatively young history. May Almighty the most gracious and merciful grant us steadfastness and courage to keep up our words.

I once again take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to our patrons and I wish health and happiness to you and your family.

Thank you for your interest in Nstar Group. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor and follow our continued growth and new developments. I appreciate your time and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Operation & Future Plan


From weaving to delivery, The Group is a truly integrated undertaking. The goal of the Textile division is to become the preferred partner for sourcing high quality fabrics and clothing from Bangladesh. With highly advanced technology and an emphasis on developing local human resources, the Textile Division has the potential to make an important contribution to the nation’s growing readymade garments export sector.


Future Plans:

In order to accelerate our present strong background linkage base, we are actively thinking establishment to expansion of different dimension of backward linkage up to RMG industries for integration as part of value addition. We are going to establishment a fashion house also.

Nushiba Textile Industries is the most modern weaving mills in Norshingdi of Bangladesh. It has an installed capacity of 24 Pcs high-speed Rapier Loom Machine & 180 Pcs of Power Loom Machine. Nushiba Textile Mills Ltd have been producing about 20,000 yards of grey woven fabrics per day ranging from 120GSM to 450GSM of the medium and heavy Plaints, Twills, Poplins, Herringbone, Bedford, Ottoman, T/C, T/R etc. to meet the standards of the most discerning international buyers.


Factory Details:

  • Year of establishment: 2003
  • Product line: 100% Cotton & Synthetic, Woven Fabrics
  • Investment: BDT 80 million
  • Total Factory Area: 50,000 sft.
  • Production Space: 40,000 sft.
  • Production Capacity: 20,000 yards per day
  • Total Number of loom: 204 Sets


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Environmental Commitments

Nushiba Textile Industries is very much committed to preserve a healthy and pollution free environment. It has a very efficient waste collection and disposal system. In order to reduce air pollution by exhaust gas from engine generates it maintains a costly plant that uses the exhaust gas to generate stem for chilling unit. Above measures not only help keep the water and air free from pollution but also help save cost of water treatment and conditioning.


Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

Educational institutes that are offering quality educational from primary level to master’s level. Students have been receiving highly subsidized education through this every year.

Not only do we care about the environment issues, we have also ensured that the following worker’s right

  • Jaket- We offer Jaket every for those who lives under poverty line.
  • Donation- To School, College and Madrasha
  • Accidental donation – In case of any accident during working operation, it is being ensured that his or her spouse or dependable will get a handsome amount.
  • To create employment opportunity for fresh graduates and other deprive but probable people.
  • Ensure festival bonus and all kind of leave including maternity leave.
  • A mandatory age requirements has been established and medical checkups are performed Upton offer of employment to eliminate child labor.
  • Scholarship to Poor Student.


Valid Documentation Paper

  • Trade Licence
  • Export Registration Certificate
  • Bangladesh Textile Miles Association (BTMA)
  • Environment Certificate
  • Fire Service Certificate

General Information

Corporate History:

  • Year of Establishment : 2003
  • Business Lines: Manufacturing & Marketing of Woven based fabrics, and re-sourcing.
  • Number of employees : 250
  • Distance from capital(Dhaka) to factory : 40km
  • Distance from factory to Chittagong sea port :256 km
  • Distance from factory to Dhaka airport :39km
  • Working period 24 hour a day, week 6 days (shifting 8 hour each)

Bank Partner

  • Southeast Bank Ltd.(Madhabdi Branch)

Khatian # 28 (1st Floor),

Dag # 233, Mouza: Par Kashipur,

Madhabdi Pauroshava,

Thana: Narsingdi, Dist: Narsingdi

Phone: 9446125, 9446127
Fax: 02 – 9446126


  • Agrani Bank Limited,

Tejgaon Branch

Holding No :315/B

Tejgaon Industrial Area

Tejgaon, Dhaka 1212.

Phone: 9830200.


Factory Location

Nushiba Textile Industries

Daukadi, Madhabdi, Narshingdi.

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Bangladesh Office


Nushiba Textile Industries

AZAD Plaza (5th Floor)
TA 98/1 Bir uttam A .K.Khandoker Sharok
(Gulshan Badda Link Road )
Badda ,Gulshan,Dhaka.

Mobile: 01866962858,01798805849
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Canada Office

7 Boulevard Henri Bourassa
East, Montreal, QC,
H3L1B4, Canada.
Tel : +1 514 316 4001